About us

We are a Slovak-Brazilian family and we bring fresh and high-quality green coffee to roasters directly from Brazilian farmers, where we discovered excellent coffee species and their producers. As recognition, we promote those producers in Europe.

We, from KAVAZ BRAZIL, offer customized volumes of deliveries because there is no minimum order.

We offer competitive prices, discounts possibility and free delivery, because we want you to grow with us, by allowing you to invest more of your free money.

About Brazilian Coffee

Brazil has been the world’s largest producer of coffee for the last 150 years, currently producing about a third of all coffee in the world.

Brazilian coffee is very different from other countries in terms of flavors and farms to other countries, it has high altitudes in flat areas and there are incredibly many coffee varietals.

We decided to cooperate with farms from Minas Gerais state, where there is the greatest number of coffee farms and we can find coffees for a wide variety of customers and their tastes, from so-called “regional lots” down to “micro lots”.

For interest, the six Brazilian states with the largest acreage for coffee producing are Minas Gerais (1.22 million hectares); Espírito Santo (433,000 hectares); São Paulo (216,000 hectares); Bahia (171,000 hectares); Rondônia (95,000 hectares) and Paraná (49,000 hectares).


Being recognized as a trustworthy partner which promotes Brazilian coffee.


Mutual success, honesty and reliability.


Helping farmers, making the purchasing easier and raising the quality of the offered Brazilian coffee.

Origin of coffee

We have decided to import coffee only from one country because it’s extremely important to us to guarantee the origin of coffee. We focus on personal and direct contact with farmers as well as with roasters and for that purpose, we regularly travel to Brazil and visit farms and their farmers (pictures in Photogallery).

We continually study and we have learned a lot of information about growing, harvesting, processing, and storing the coffee. If we would import coffee from many different countries, it would be very unlikely to have all of the traceability and trust we have from Brazil.

We chose Brazil not only because our family is half Brazilian but also because we could find the widest variety of coffee in Brazil. An interesting fact is that several varieties were developed in Brazil. We want to become true specialists in Brazilian coffee.